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All businesses start somewhere. Apple was started in a garage, and Facebook was started in a college dorm room. Regardless of where a business is today, it had to start small. Small businesses are the foundation of larger businesses, and without them capitalism in the United States – or anywhere in the world – would just not be possible. Some businesses will continue to grow, and become the Apples and Facebooks of future generations, but many small businesses will stay small, and that is exactly what is needed. Small businesses that stay small continue to fill the niche market that they originally filled when they were started.

If you take a look around your local shopping center, be it a full-fledged mall or a strip mall, you are likely to count dozens of smaller stores that do not have big brand names behind them. These are the small businesses that are employing local people, contributing to the local economy. The small businesses in your local area are doing more for the local area than the big businesses which serve a large corporate giant and whose only revenue that stays in the local community comes in the form of a paycheck to the local employees.

Small businesses do not have to be stores or shops that sell a physical product to customers. Some may be a local tax office or financial institution, which helps the local community in which it is located, and in doing so helps that community continue to grow and prosper in ways that a larger company probably would be unwilling to do. It is the small businesses and the communities they serve that stand to gain the most from their mutual connection. By working together, small businesses and the local community are able to partner to improve and grow both in a symbiotic way that a large corporate giant just is not able to do.

Small Business - Community Some small businesses do not operate in a local community, but they still support the community. In the age of the Internet, it is easier than ever to build and online store and sell your product around the country or around the world. These small businesses are may be doing international business, but the money they earn comes right back to the small business owner and he or she is likely to keep that money in the local community, shopping at the local gas station or grocery store, or supporting other small businesses in the area with the money they earned from their online business.

Small businesses take a variety of forms. But one thing that they all have in common is that they support the local community in which they are located. The business owners never forget that it was the local community that first got them started, that first purchased their goods or services, and they give back to the local community by helping it grow and prosper. Large corporations just cannot and do not do that. They are in it to make money. While all businesses start small, it is the ones that stay small that serve to do the most good for their community.

IRH Capital serves to support the dreams of individuals seeking to start small businesses. We understand the complexities of securing financing for a small business, and if you would like to work with us to begin your small business, please contact us to discuss how best we can serve you. We know you want to help serve your community and give back to them through your small business, because we know that it is small businesses that are the foundation of any community.

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