May 15, 2019

Ready to Finance Your Franchise with IRH Capital?

Starting a business is hard. Opening a franchise is easier in that you are starting with a proven business model created by a company that has already done the hard work to make their name recognizable to potential customers.
May 13, 2019

Am I A Good Franchise Candidate?

If you are at the point where you are reading this article, you are probably someone who has already entertained the idea of owning a franchise. Whatever your background and motivation, it is important for you to investigate whether or not a franchise is right for you.
May 10, 2019

Three Franchise Tips to Keep in Mind When Financing

In life, you want every advantage you can get. We cannot help with everything, but we do have three franchise tips to help you with your financing. Whether you are a first time franchisee, you are expanding, or you want to re-finance to increase growth potential, these are some things you will need to keep in mind.
April 21, 2019

Small business financing: Traditional and Non-Traditional Ways!

There are a wide myriad of ways to get small business financing, and in this blog, we will discuss some of the traditional — AND the so-called “alternative” — ways of financing your new business venture. Believe it or not, it’s not as difficult to finance as you think!
April 17, 2019

Top 3 Financing Options For Your Franchise: IRH Capital

Small business entrepreneurs are the country’s economic foundation. Each day across the nation, small businesses start, grow and expand. They have a direct impact locally by providing opportunities for employment in and around their location. Business to business interactions keep cash flowing through their neighborhoods. When small businesses thrive, their communities thrive.
April 17, 2019

Becoming a Salon Franchise Owner

More and more people are looking to live their dream of being their own boss. One of the biggest franchise industries these days is the salon franchise business.
April 16, 2019

Bank Financing vs. IRH Capital Financing

Any small business owner who has ever needed to borrow money understands the challenges of obtaining bank financing. Bank applications are lengthy, require you to provide numerous financial documents including cash flow statements, tax returns, and oftentimes, personal financial information. This is not the case when you apply for a loan at IRH Capital. We do our level best to provide capital to businesses with as little paperwork as possible.
April 7, 2019

Researching a Business Franchise Opportunity

A business franchise can be a great way to start up in business. But what is a business franchise and how can you make the best choice for you.
March 30, 2019

Wingstop Franchise Cost & Fee – IRH Capital

With the growing trend of franchising, many people are looking to see which franchise opportunities are best.
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